THE OVAL – EP. 201-204

OFFICER HERNDON (Male, Open Ethnicity, 30’s) – Officer Herndon is working in the police station when Barry barges into the station demanding that Officer Herndon arrest Ruth for kidnapping his daughter.  

DR. HARRIS (Male, Caucasian, 50’s – 60’s)– Dr. Harris tends to a Secret Service Agent that was shot. He/She speaks with Diane, the White House Press Secretary about his progress. Aside from being a Doctor, he is also obviously a CIA type who is often hired to do such work.

FLIGHT ATTENDANT (Female, , Open Ethnicity, 30’s – 40’s) – The Flight Attendant tends to the first family.  Jason, the first son, exhibits very strange behavior with her/him.

HOUSEKEEPER KELLY (Female, African-American, 40’s) – Kelly works at the White House.  Victoria, the first lady, is very stern with her. 

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